About Us

The practice meets a need in the community for high quality insurance-based care. Therapists are available who work with a variety of age ranges and provide couples and family therapy. In addition, recognizing that mental health professionals and agencies wishing to best serve their patients needed support, training, development, and clinical tutelage, Dr. Rothstein created a practice that could serve both purposes.

Our Mission

Collaborative Pathways is founded on the principle that both patients and mental health providers benefit from connection with others. It is through this collaboration that growth is possible. Collaborative Pathways therapists and consultants have expertise in recognizing an individuals strengths and identifying areas of growth. Our staff know that people thrive when they are seen as a whole person. During work with Collaborative Pathways, growth and healing is possible, because staff take the time to know where patients have been, and where they want to go, including what achievements they hope to make.

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At Collaborative Pathways, we believe that the fit between therapist and patient is critical. As such, you will find that each therapist has written detailed information as to the clients that are the best fit for them based on their clinical knowledge and experience. You will notice the therapist is writing to you demonstrating our collaborative approach, and our commitment to your growth, from the onset.

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All too often helping professionals put the needs of others before their own. By engaging in consultation with Collaborative Pathways, providers are allowed the opportunity to develop themselves more fully, and identify what needs they might have as professionals. In addition, our consultants model smart business practices throughout their relationship with consultees, demonstrating that high quality clinical practice and business savvy can be interrelated.

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