Consultation Rates & FAQs

To ensure goodness of fit, the consultant you plan to work with, will offer you a mutually agreed upon 15 min video meeting that is complimentary. During this time, you will state the reason you want to seek consultation, and the consultant will ask some questions about you. After this meeting, you will receive follow up in 48 hours or less, regarding whether your consultant believes that they can meet your needs.

Whether you are seeking one consultation, several meetings, or participating in one of our groups, you will receive a consultation contract. We believe in the parallel process between consultation and therapy. This contract serves as a written Informed Consent that outlines the potential risks and benefits to consultation. This contract will also be discussed at the beginning of your first consultation session to ensure that there are no questions or concerns.
As with many things with psychology, there is a yes and no answer here.

Yes. . . Research shows that regular consultation with other professionals, especially those with strong clinical skills who have been working in the field for many years, helps keep mental health care providers healthy. This results in less clinical “errors” that could lead to boundary crossings or other situations that might result in a report to a licensure board or a patient complaint. Looked at this way, consultation is good proactive care to ensure you are functioning well. It is analogous to keeping your yearly medical check-ups, or therapists who are engaged in their own therapy work.

Yes. . . Ethical codes in all professional mental health fields discuss the importance of clinical consultation. When seeking consultation on complex cases you can document that you have consulted with a team member in your clinical notes as this is a good risk management strategy.

No. . Collaborative Pathways provides consultation to therapists who are licensed at their terminal degree i.e., you no longer need supervision hours and can practice independently. As such, we are not acting in a supervisor role, and thus a therapist is responsible for the care they provide.
I am an LGPC, LMSW, or Psychology Associate, and I want to get consultation with Collaborative Pathways, due to the clinical skills of the consultants. Is this possible?
Individual Discount
1 session $200
2-4 sessions $190 5%
5 sessions or more $180 10%
4-6 person group Per session rate Full charge, paid in full prior to 1st meeting Discount
4 sessions $50 $200
8 sessions $45 $360 10%
12 sessions $40 $480 20%
1 Session
Individual: $200
Discount: n/a

2-4 sessions
Individual: $190
Discount: 5%

5 sessions or more
Individual: $180
Discount: 10%

4-6 person group

4 sessions
Per session rate: $50
Full charge, paid in full prior to 1st meeting: $200
Discount: n/a

8 sessions
Per session rate: $45
Full charge, paid in full prior to 1st meeting: $360
Discount: 10%

12 sessions
Per session rate: $40
Full charge, paid in full prior to 1st meeting: $480
Discount: 20%