Therapy Services

Collaborative Pathways recognizes how challenging it can be to find high quality insurance based clinical care. Our therapists are committed to the unique needs of each patient, family, and couple they treat. Please read through each section to get a full understanding of the services we provide.

Individual Therapy

Collaborative Pathways provides individual therapy to support patients (18 years+) to create their own path in life. We believe that patients come to care as experts in themselves. However, we recognize there are often hurdles, or other barriers, blocking their path forward.

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Collaborative Pathways therapists have experience building a relationship, even with youth who are shut down, or do not want to be in therapy. They utilize knowledge of child development, including identity development, in all aspects of treatment. Patient success if often measured by seeing a child or adolescent smile more frequently and be able to enjoy their childhood more fully.

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Collaborative Pathways family therapists recognize that the decision to enter care often comes after considerable pain, failed attempts, and frustration. Our therapists aim to strengthen families and to keep them together. We target communication, helping each family member engage in perspective taking, to understand each other’s experience.

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Couples therapy is available for adults working to improve a relationship with a partner(s). Common reasons for engaging with Collaborative Pathways might include: communication issues; stressors as related to parenting; challenges balancing individual needs with that of the couple; and identity factors of one member of the couple causing stress on the relationship.

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Gender Affirming Assessment

Collaborative Pathways believes that any transgender, gender diverse, non-binary, or two-spirt individual should be supported to obtain gender affirming surgical procedures. Surgeries are medically necessary treatment to reduce Gender Dysphoria. They also allow patients to have more instances of Gender Euphoria, and to be able to function in life as their affirmed self, with less barriers.

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Insurance & FAQs

Collaborative Pathways is an in-network provider with Cigna, Johns Hopkins EHP, and Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan. We are in the process of finalizing contracts with other major insurance companies, so please check back for updates.

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