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Jessica R. Rothstein, Psy.D. (She/Her)

Licensed Psychologist/Owner/Consultant

Dr. Jessica Rothstein is a licensed psychologist and a graduate from Loyola University in Maryland. She has advanced training in supervision. She has experience overseeing the operations and clinical care of more than 10 therapists, in an insurance based group practice setting. In addition, she has previous work experience in a Federally Qualified Health Care agency, has provided outpatient mental health in a hospital setting, and has experience working with adolescents in a psychiatric residential care setting.

Clinical Skills

Similar to her work with patients (see therapy biography here), Dr. Rothstein provides consultation using a family systems, psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, and interpersonal theoretical orientation. She can discuss cases involving patients ages 8 years+ and family therapy work, including couples cases that focus on parenting or identity work.

Dr. Rothstein is a trauma specialist with experience working with patients with serious mental illnesses, including but not limited to: Bipolar Disorder and those with psychotic symptoms. She has proficiency in working with patients who are on the Autism Spectrum. At this point in her career, most of Dr. Rothstein’s patients are LGBTQ and/or trauma survivors.

Dr. Rothstein is a White, cisgender female, who works to be aware of the privileges she holds and to carry herself using an anti-racist framework. She is passionate about operating from a place of cultural humility in regard to all aspects of identity. In her role as a consultant, she helps therapists learn ways to help diffuse the power differential, especially with patients who have marginalized aspects of their identity.

As a believer in the need for cisgender therapists to learn from community members, Dr. Rothstein attends continuing education seminars and seeks consultation from mental health providers, who are members of the LGBTQ community. Dr. Rothstein engages in this type of consultation monthly in order to hold herself accountable to the work. For those seeking consultation to discuss LGBTQ patient work, she will be able to link you to experts in the field who are community members.

Dr. Rothstein is widely sought out for clinical consultation, as she is known for being warm, yet direct. Often those who seek consultation with her comment that she can quickly understand underlying dynamics that influence a patient and therapist relationship. As someone who regularly, “takes the seat on the couch” receiving consultation herself, Dr. Rothstein uses that perspective to inform the work she does with consulting clients.

Professional Development

In addition to consulting on clinical cases, Dr. Rothstein is deeply committed to insurance-based care. She has provided care to patients in these settings throughout her career. She acknowledges that it can be very frustrating dealing with insurance companies. She is happy to provide support, encouragement, and tricks of the trade to make smart and ethical decisions to other mental health professionals. Given her leadership experience in private practice settings, she also is available to discuss how to set up your practice with a “good foundation” that emphasizes quality clinical care.

**Please see Dr. Rothstein’s therapist profile for more information about her educational background.

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