Lisa Muscato, LCPC (She/Her)

Professional Counselor/Consultant

Lisa Muscato is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a graduate of Loyola University in Maryland. Lisa started her career in mental health in 2009 in nonprofit settings. She spent 8 years working in a Federally Qualified Health Center, which gave her a deep understanding of the impacts of generational trauma, poverty, and racial injustice. These are insights she carries into all of her work.

After appreciating the structure in working in an agency, Lisa found great satisfaction in the private practice realm joining an insurance-based group practice in 2018. She found she enjoyed the autonomy and flexible schedule and saw the potential for meaningful and productive work that is in line with her professional and personal goals.

Lisa is delighted to serve as a Consultant at Collaborative Pathways. In this role, she can support other clinicians who need guidance in how to make private practice work best for their style, schedule, and clinical skills. Lisa uses her expertise in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations to share her breadth of insights into how to provide clinical care that is both meaningful and effective.

Clinical Skills

Lisa integrates a variety of interventions into her work, including mindfulness, CBT, and a focus on practical symptom management. She has also received a Level I Trauma Certification from the Ferentz Institute and completed a year long group training on ACT. Lisa treats patients ages 18+ who have a wide variety of presenting problems, which includes competency in substance abuse treatment using a harm reduction model. A unifying theme has been working with those who have experienced trauma. One of her greatest clinical privileges has been providing care to clients who enter treatment with undiagnosed trauma and helping them recognize how their trauma has impacted their functioning. She has found it rewarding to help them grow self compassion and insights that lead to healing.

In addition, Lisa has received training and professional development around working with LGBTQ populations, which includes providing gender affirmation surgery assessments. She recognizes the importance of providing a safe space for identity exploration. In addition to the clinical skills listed above, Lisa would be a good choice for clinical consultation for therapists who want to talk with a colleague who has recently integrated LGBTQ affirming care into clinical practice.

Professional Development

Lisa has provided mentoring and peer support throughout her career, in both nonprofit and private practice settings. She has served as a supervisor and trainer in non-profit healthcare systems, and a peer mentor in private practice. As a consultant, Lisa is an ideal fit for therapists who want to get acclimated to private practice as she has extensive experience in this area. Lisa is adept in helping therapists improve their efficiency and productivity, which results in less stress and the ability to better focus on clinical work. She has experienced first hand the benefits of implementing scheduling and documentation systems that are time and energy savers. She is eager to share these insights through consultation, so that other clinicians are able to work “smarter not harder.”

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