Gender Affirming Assessment

Collaborative Pathways believes that any transgender, gender diverse, non-binary, or two-spirt individual should be supported to obtain gender affirming surgical procedures. Surgeries are medically necessary treatment to reduce Gender Dysphoria. They also allow patients to have more instances of Gender Euphoria, and to be able to function in life as their affirmed self, with less barriers.

Our therapists have specialized training which qualifies them to provide gender affirming surgical assessments. Questions will be asked to help understand a patient’s gender journey in order to document what is needed for insurance coverage and to meet the surgeon’s requirements. We will not question a patient’s gender identity, as we recognize gender identity is an internal construct. We aim to make the process go as quickly as possible. We do not require patients to receive therapy in order to receive an assessment. If we are in-network, we work to ensure that a patient’s insurance covers the cost of visits.

Learn more about our gender affirming therapists below:
Lisa Muscato
Jessica R Rothstein