Consultation Services

At Collaborative Pathways, our consultation services, similar to the work we do as therapists, operate from a supportive strength-based approach. We recognize that seeking consultation comes from a motivation of wanting to learn and grow but also can make therapists or agencies feel self-conscious about the ways they need to change or adjust their systems. We aim to help other professionals and agencies get the support they need while being sensitive to these dynamics. We value partnering with other mental health professionals who want to continue to develop their clinical skills and become more self-confident in their abilities. Collaborative Pathways consultants are available to talk about two different domains of work.

Consultants who are part of our team are well regarded for their clinical acumen. Each consultant has different specialty areas for the populations they serve. Unifying themes for our consultants include: care focused on serving diverse populations, in particular LGB and transgender affirming care, and the interpersonal process between therapist and patients.

Collaborative Pathways consultants are also available to discuss areas of professional development. Consultants are available to explore how the practice of counseling is impacting a mental health provider. We provide guidance on ways to make changes that promote self-care, ethical business practices, and smart business practices. In addition, consultants have particular specialty in discussing the transition to private practice, insurance-based practice, and helping a practice or agency become more LGBTQ affirming.

Please read our consultants’ biographies here to get a better sense of their skills.

Please see our Consultation Frequently Asked Questions for pricing information.

Individual Consultation

As therapists, we are our own tool. And even the strongest tool requires refinement to function at its best. Our consultant team is available to talk about challenging clinical cases.

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Group Consultation

Group consultation is available for small groups wanting to learn with trusted colleagues or individuals who are interested in being paired with a set of colleagues they have not met before. Ideal group size is four to six people.

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Continuing Education

Collaborative Pathways Consultants are regularly asked to provide professional education courses based on their expertise in: culturally informed care, ethics, and the balance of high quality clinical care and smart business practice.

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