Becca Hofrichter, LCSW-C (She/Her/They/Them)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Consultant

Becca Hofrichter, LCSW-C is a White, Queer clinician who is committed to providing intersectional, non-condemning, strengths-based care with a specific passion for providing affirming care for the LGBTQ+ community.

Becca graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a Master’s degree in Social Work, and started their career in 2010 working with young adults and adolescents experiencing housing instability. Becca has experience in street outreach programming, community centers, a variety of housing models, and private insurance-based group practice. In both their clinical and professional work, Becca prioritizes social justice frameworks to combat patriarchal systems and structures that have too often been normalized and internalized. Becca is ecstatic to be joining Collaborative Pathways as a consultant to be able to partner with clinicians and other care-workers to continue to develop their practice in meaningful, effective, and affirming ways.

Clinical Skills

Becca’s clinical experience is primarily working with adolescents, transition age youth, and young adults and with the LGBTQ+ community including individuals, families, and partners. Becca focuses on supporting clients with identifying ways to build coping tools off of their existing survival skills to manage depression and anxiety and exploring holistic healing around trauma experiences. They also prioritize creating space for advocacy, identity exploration and validation, and navigating relationship dynamics such as non-monogamy and kink. Becca believes in advocating for and collaborating with their community by attempting to minimize interactions with gate-keeping systems and by identifying the oppressive impact of systems on individuals and families.

Professional Development

Becca has experience in advocating for trauma informed and LGBTQ+ affirming spaces specifically in non-profit housing and drop-in/community centers. They believe in creating participant-informed spaces allowing the community to voice what they need and want to see in the formation of programs and services. They have found a passion for developing HR and program policies, in addition to physical space recommendations to center LGBTQ+ affirming space and collaborative self-care for participants and employees. Becca continues to seek out education and information around challenging traditional forms of justice and accountability, recognizing the systems of oppression intertwined, and instead explores authentic restorative options for accountability in program spaces.

Becca has found a love for providing educational and community groups, including life skills education focused on topics of Queer Inclusive sex ed, mindful eating, basic community gardening and trainings on creating affirming space, challenging adultism, and understanding burn out and self care. Becca looks forward to providing consultation to clinicians who are looking to be more affirming in their practice, create group plans or training, or want support around ethical questions and integrating social justice into their work.

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