Individual Consultation

As therapists, we are our own tool. And even the strongest tool requires refinement to function at its best. Our consultant team is available to talk about challenging clinical cases. Other reasons to seek consultation focusing on clinical acumen might include:

  • processing the role that patient and therapist identity factors play in the therapeutic relationship
  • exploring ethical dilemmas
  • examining transference and countertransference
  • managing at risk patient populations to mitigate therapist risk
  • receive feedback and/or training regarding identity factors of the patient that might be impacting care (i.e., gender identity, sexual orientation, race, etc.)

Consultation in the domain of professional development might include:

  • discussions of the delicate art of scheduling and charging no show fees
  • lessons learned in providing care in an insurance-based setting
  • how to positively define and market a niche insurance-based practice
  • how to provide high quality clinical services and have appropriate boundaries
  • helping professionals more fully define their career identity, including being able to recognize which clients are the right fit for them

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